Learning to knit

My mom tried to teach me to crochet when I was younger.  I think that that lesson probably lasted twenty minutes.  It definitely didn’t take. Just because I didn’t catch on to one textile art, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t catch on to another, right?

After reading this book I got the idea in my head that perhaps I could learn how to knit.  I sent out a question via the social networking site asking if any of my friends knew how to knit and if any of them would be so kind as to try to teach me.  I wasn’t thinking that this would actually become anything.  I had no idea just how popular this idea was going to be.  Two of my friends volunteered to teach me the basics.  Erin was going to be my first teacher of the art of knitting.

After lesson number one, I was actually pleasantly surprised.  Not only was knitting fun, I felt like I was maybe…just maybe….actually good at it!  Who would’ve guessed?  Hours later, I had knitted a potholder!  A small potholder.  Or maybe it was more like a bathmat for the bathroom in Barbie’s townhouse.  But still, I had knitted something.  In one night I had completed a knitting project!

As can be expected, I soon became caught up with knitting fever.  I have begun to develop a nice callous on my finger.  I have put books on hold at the library.  I have made a shopping trip to pick up more yarn and a crochet hook to help pick up dropped stitches – And I know what a dropped stitch is!

This is the beginning of something, folks.  This is only the beginning.


First attempt at knitting? Complete


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