Fixing those ugly bar stools

When we moved into our apartment, we first had to deal with a lot of stuff that had been abandoned by the previous renters. The ugly couch and loveseat? Out to the curb. The microwave oven with stand? Out to the curb. The medicine cabinet still full of toothbrushes, toothpaste, other medicine cabinet things? Everything dumped into a bag, then sprayed down with Lysol several times. The elephant and giraffe shaped plant holders? They functioned as parking space markers until they were thrown away. The old tv? To my sister. The horribly ugly lamps? To my brother. The side table? To my brother. The strange giant beer stein? To my brother. (He’s a college student. He needs ugly stuff to fill out his apartment)

The ugly bar stools? I’ve got a plan to make them not-so-ugly.

I got the idea when I saw this person’s etsy page. I bet I could do that. It probably wouldn’t look nearly as good. But why not?

I found an outdated transit system map and proceeded to search for other maps. I tried to stay Chicago and/or Illinois related. Using one of the greatest crafting materials ever invented, I was able to cover these two ugly bar stools. They may not look great, but they look a lot better.

If you want to try this out, I have some suggestions. Don’t be afraid to get messy. This works best if you really get your hands in it. I tried just using a foam brush, but it just doesn’t work as well as getting your hands into the project. If you are doing a bar stool or a chair, do the underside first. Then be sure to cover the very top of the legs and the very bottom of the legs. Once those are done, you can stand the chair or bar stool up and work quickly. Try to pick a material that holds some significance for you. Perhaps newspapers from an important date? Maps from a family vacation? Or maybe you are looking for magazine clippings that are of the same color? That might look pretty cool, too. When complete, be sure to cover the entire thing with more adhesive to form a protective coating.

Have fun!


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