Fluffy pink scarf

This is my first knitting project. This scarf is the first thing that I’ve knitted that is not just for practice. I’ve done a couple little squares for practice but this is for real. I picked up a yarn that I like – bright pink, fuzzy. And my knitting needles arrived in the mail. That really means only one thing. It’s time to stop practicing and time to start something.

Day One:

The big needles and the fluffy yarn ensured that this project would move along fairly quickly. However, it was pretty difficult to get my hands to acclimated to using the larger needles as all of my practice had been done on number 8 needles. A number 11 feels entirely different. I also noticed that I messed up at the beginning some. The corner on the bottom looks kind of crazy. But this yarn is fairly forgiving and it might be possible that no one would notice unless they were looking for it.


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