Purling is weird

I recently had my second knitting lesson with Erin, who is a fantastic teacher. This lesson was about purling. To prep myself for this lesson, I borrowed a book from the library that had a fun looking pattern for a scarf and I picked up some yarn to complete this scarf. (I planned ahead this time and purchased two skeins at the same time so that I would be less likely to run out at an inconvenient time). This book has a really great introduction section. There are a ton of fantastic pictures and definitions to detail all of those knitting terms. I’m not sure how many of the patterns I will use, but the “boyfriend basket weave” scarf is definitely on the list.

There is really only one way to sum up purling. It’s weird. It feels weird. It kind of looks weird. Knitting was a lot easier to learn because I still have some muscle memory from making friendship bracelets when I was little and from french braiding hair at slumber parties. I have absolutely no muscle memory for the movements required for purling. I have found that I can start knitting and keep going without paying much attention to what I am doing. However, with purling I have to pay close attention to what I am doing the entire time.

In addition, the pattern that I am going to try goes back and forth from knitting to purling and back again. My brain was a bit in overload mode. There is a lot of thinking involved when purling is thrown in. Switching back and forth from purling to knitting takes a lot of concentration. And following an actual pattern takes even more concentration. Although, it is nice to know that now that I know purling I can pretty much try any knitting pattern out there. Blankets, hats, socks, sweaters……

Or, I might just stick with simple scarves for awhile……


3 thoughts on “Purling is weird

  1. I like to purl now that I have learned to knit better. Do you know if you are knitting continental style or using the throw method? I think purling is so much easier continental style–and faster no doubt.

    • I’ve looked at both types to try to figure out which one I do….and I’m pretty sure that I do not do the continental style. I’ve heard from some that that style is more difficult….but maybe I’ll give it a try to see if it works for me.

  2. Thanks, lady!! It’s been fun to teach you. Just wait until I teach you circular knitting. It will blow. your. mind. Okay. NOt really.

    And purling is hard. I still have to concentrate more when I’m purling.

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