Cats make horrible knitting assistants

Buddy could be asleep in another room but she will be right next to me within seconds as soon as I start working on my knitting.  I’m not sure how she does it.  How does she know?  When I’m knitting, she’s grabbing at the yarn.  When I’m trying to take a picture to document how far I’ve come with my project, well you can see for yourself what happens…..


4 thoughts on “Cats make horrible knitting assistants

  1. cute kitty! I dunno if your cat does this but my cats like to get into my yarn stash and unravel the skeins all over the house…this mostly happens when I am sleeping. I have to be really careful about putting my yarn up where they can’t get to it!

    • Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet. I have two cats and Buddy is the only one who seems overly interested in yarn. I’ve been putting everything in a bag when I’m done and she hasn’t figured out how to get in it……yet.

  2. HA! my cat does the same thing. she has actually run off with the ball of yarn in her MOUTH.
    I’m always like “Gee, Scout. Way to be all stereotypical.”

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