In praise of the snack cake

There really is something magical about a Little Debbie snack cake.  Even after reading this book I am still in love with the snack cake.  Even after reading this book and then reading the ingredients on the back of the Little Debbie box, I am still not deterred in my love for the snack cake.  (Both are very good books and I highly recommend reading them.  It will change how you think about what you eat.)

I actually have snack cakes in my lunch more often now that I am a grown up than when I was a child.  We rarely ever had them growing up.  One of the best days of the whole school year was field trip day.  Not only did we get to wear jeans, shorts and t-shirts (my school had a strict dress code) but that was the one day of the year in which our lunch boxes would be filled with stuff that we couldn’t have the rest of the year.  Lunchables? Definitely.  Capri Sun?  Of course.  Snack cake? Couldn’t have a lunch without it.

There is just something about pulling out a snack cake out of your lunch bag.  As a grown-up, I’m pretty sure that I might look a bit ridiculous as I smile at my dessert.  But it is December and that means that my lunch has a new addition…..


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