A tale of two trees

I love Christmas trees.  One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to see the Christmas trees at the Museum of Science and Industry.  They are amazing! (If you go, download the podcast to get even more information about each tree.)

I love getting Christmas trees ready for the season.  Checking the lights.  Carefully unwrapping the ornaments.  Super gluing any ornaments that have broken during storage.  Turning on Christmas Eve on Sesame Street which just happens to be the best movie to watch while decorating for Christmas.

Ryan and I have two trees in the apartment.  We have pretty tree and crazy tree.

Pretty tree has only white lights.  The garlands are burgundy and silver ribbons.  The ornaments are only gold, silver or clear glass.  And those are the only things that will go on pretty tree.  Resting under pretty tree, of course, is Bessie the Holiday Cow.

Crazy tree is the exact opposite.  There are blue lights, multi-colored lights, bubble lights and pink flamingo lights.  The garlands are raggedy ones that I’ve had for years and a couple that I made as craft projects when I was a child.  Crazy tree has every single ornament that we have each accumulated throughout our lives.  Since Christmas ornaments have always been a popular gift for both of our families, this tree is packed.

There really are few things that make me as happy as sitting on the couch with all of the lights off in the apartment with the exception of the lights on the trees.  And perhaps, the glow of the tv as we watch Love Actually.


One thought on “A tale of two trees

  1. The little teddy bear pictured on the crazy tree came from Mammoth Spring, Arkansas. He was purchased when I was visiting and away from Ryan for the first time and was missing him very much!

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