Christmas cookie extravaganza – Baklava

One of my favorite Christmas cookies isn’t actually a cookie. Baklava is actually a pastry but my mom made it several years when we were younger for her Christmas cookie extravaganza. I can still remember the smell of honey and butter coming from the kitchen as she made the baklava. I tried to find a recipe in my cookbooks but I couldn’t find one! Next year, I’ll just have to figure out what recipe my mom used. This year, I’ll get some help from Emeril. You can find the recipe that I used here.

This is a really great recipe. It’s written well and makes baklava seem like a fairly simple thing to make. Actually, it is a pretty simple pastry to make. The most time consuming part is the actual building of the pastry. Butter, phyllo, butter, phyllo, butter, phyllo. I lost track several times. This is not the food to try to make while also trying to carry on a conversation. It is far too easily to get distracted.

I learned a very important lesson when making these. We need a new set of knives. All of our knives are old and dull so when the recipe says to cut the diamond shapes out of the pastry, I ended up with pieces sticking up all over the top. But, the important thing is how it tastes. And, it is delicious.


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