A couple scarves for a couple moms

For Christmas, I made my mom and my mom-in-law both scarves.  Hopefully, they will have an opportunity to wear them at the same time at the same place because it would be adorable to see them in matching scarves.  Right?  Right.

All in all, these scarves weren’t all that difficult.  I just did a basic knit stitch for the whole thing.  The difficulty came with the yarn that I chose.  This yarn is pretty ridiculous to work with.  It has a fun texture and it looks really great when it’s done, however, it gets caught up in the knitting needles way too easily.  There were far too many times that I realized far too late that I had gone right through the middle of the yarn.  Then, I would end up doubling my stitches without even realizing it.  If I use this type of yarn again, maybe I’ll play around with different needle sizes.  Perhaps if I changed that up it wouldn’t be as tricky to work with….


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