Chocolate Molten Cakes – aka Chocolate Ridiculousness

I received a couple different cookbooks for Christmas. One of them was Sweetness by Sarah Levy. It really is a great cookbook.  It is very well designed for someone who, like me, wants to become a better baker.  Each recipe has a section on the side that lists anything that you should do before beginning the recipe.  For example, if you need to set your butter out or make sure that your eggs are at room temperature.  That was really useful when I made the Chocolate Molten Cakes.

Now, I have done lots of baking before but just the name alone was kind of intimidating to me.  Chocolate Molten Cakes.  That is something that you can get as a dessert in a fancy restaurant.  This is definitely not something that I would normally attempt.  But Sarah Levy’s writing made it sound fairly simple.

One of the other great aspects of this cookbook is that she lists the shelf life for each finished item.  This might come in handy because apparently these cakes can be frozen just in case you can’t eat them all in a couple days.  This was not, however, a big concern for me.  I thoroughly believe in our ability to finish these on our own.  The only thing that might keep me from eating these one after another is that the finished cakes are very very very rich and the chocolate flavor is very very very intense.  A nice blob of whipped cream and a tall glass of milk are definitely necessary.

There is something important to keep in mind if you do attempt this recipe.  I am not sure what size ramekins she uses but my batch only made 6 even though the recipe says that it yields 8.  But, that just means that it is easier for Ryan and I to finish them off on our own.


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