Get yer eatin’ pants on

Growing up, if you had to put on nice pants, then we probably were not going to eat at that restaurant.  This is perhaps one of the reasons why I love places like Smoque so much.  You can go there wearing whatever you want.  You don’t have to do anything special to your hair.  They won’t care.  But you still get to have a sensational eating experience.  Seriously.  The meat is all delicious.  The baked beans are life changing.  I never knew that baked beans could be as good as those baked beans!  If you don’t believe me, ask my dad.  He can go on and on about these life-changing beans.  The peach cobbler is one of the very very few foods that my little sister could eat every day.  Also on that short list: egg rolls.  It’s just great food.

Since moving to Chicago, I have gone to many restaurants that require nice pants, shoes with heels, and well brushed hair.  I have fallen in love with many of them.  But sometimes you wanna go where the only important thing is the food.  The atmosphere?  It smells like food.  The seating?  It’s designed so you can sit really close to other people eating food.  The food?  That’s why you left the couch, right?


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