Milk-Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ryan and I made a shopping trip to Whole Foods last night to stock up on cookie baking supplies.  Our shopping cart drew some attention from other shoppers because it was basically full of different types of chocolate.  One woman asked if she could come over to our house and another wanted to know if we were doing anything with the chocolate.  Ryan told her that we were just going to sit around and eat it.  And, that does sound like a good idea….but I am a woman with a purpose.

The first cookie on the list was a milk-chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Almost every recipe that I found was made only with semi-sweet or dark chocolate.  I thought that this one would be a little different.  Plus, although it isn’t the best chocolate to bake with, I love milk chocolate.  I don’t really like dark chocolate to eat.  I like it in baking or cooking but if I just want to snack on some chocolate, I am going to reach for some milk chocolate.

The recipe that I used can be found here.  It’s from Food & Wine and I have yet to find a recipe there that doesn’t sound incredibly delicious.  And it’s from Tim Love.  I have yet to have the chance to eat at his restaurant but everything that he has cooked when I’ve seen him on Food Network or Bravo has looked great.  So, I figured that this would probably be a winning combination.

When you look at the recipe one of the first things that you will notice is how much sugar goes into these cookies.  There is a lot of sugar!  But that is not really a problem, I think.

Cups and cups of sugar (and butter)

The first problem that I had was when we were shopping for ingredients.  When Ryan and I went on our choco shopping trip, there wasn’t enough milk chocolate chip.  There was only one bag of milk chocolate chips left on the shelf.  So, I bought some milk chocolate bars and figured that I could improvise.

The next problem that I had came during the actual baking process.  When a recipe says that the cookies will expand quite a bit, please believe them.  And please expect that by “quite a bit” they mean more than you could ever imagine.  I ran into that little problem with mine.  Instead of cookies, I have two cookie pizzas.  Or two cookie flat breads.  I also noticed a bit difference in the color between the two batches.  I used two different colors of cookie sheets and you can definitely see how that altered the cookies.

The verdict for this recipe:  The cookies are really sweet.  Really really sweet.  If you don’t have a huge sweet tooth, these might not be the cookies for you.  You might want to try switching out some of the milk chocolate for a bittersweet or semisweet chocolate.  But, since I have a huge sweet tooth, I think that these are delicious.  The texture is great.  They are nice and chewy with a little bit of crisp on the edges.  Next time, I will definitely put only about six cookies at time on each cookie sheet to fix the spreading issue.

So – that’s chocolate chip cookie recipe #1.  Coming up, I’ve got recipes using bittersweet chocolate, semisweet chocolate, sea salt, nuts, and muscavado sugar.  You’re excited, right?


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