Bag of Yumminess – or Cashing in the Groupon for Bleeding Heart Bakery

If you live in Chicago and are not yet familiar with Groupon, please go on the website and enter your email address to have the daily Groupon sent to your inbox.  (Groupon exists in other cities, too.  Just check their site to see if your city is there.)  It is a fantastic program.  Ryan and I have bought memberships to the Art Institute, coupons for our favorite sushi restaurant, and most recently Ryan bought a box of treats from Bleeding Heart Bakery for my birthday.  And since this weekend was my birthday, we got a bag of yumminess.  I was definitely excited about this.  Bleeding Heart has some of the best cupcakes in the city.  Our bag was filled with cupcakes, brownies, scones, cake balls……all in all it was definitely a good buy as you basically got a sample of everything in the bakery.  We had lots of family and friends over to help celebrate and that was definitely beneficial since there was so much in the bag.  However, we still have a ton left over.  I hope that Ryan and I will be able to finish everything off…..

Oh, and in case you were wondering….everything that we’ve eaten so far has been delicious, absolutely delicious.  And if you want to come by to help us finish eating, come on by.


2 thoughts on “Bag of Yumminess – or Cashing in the Groupon for Bleeding Heart Bakery

  1. I was very underwhelmed with the Bleeding Heart cake balls. It’s just mushy cake. But, yes, the sampler bag was a pretty shrewd move on their part.

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