Every Birthday Should Have a Cake

I am one of the few people that I know who always has to have the same cake for her birthday every single year.  If I don’t have that cake, it doesn’t count as a birthday.  I sometimes thought that my mom was at times confused by my choice of cake.  I sometimes think that others are a bit confused as well.  My cake:  angel food cake with cherry pie filling and Cool Whip.  The angel food cake can come from the grocery store or can be baked.  The cherry pie filling should come from a can.  You make cherry pie?  You make your own pie filling?  That’s great!  But don’t put it on my cake.  And to top it all off, Cool Whip.  You like to make fresh whipped cream?  That’s great!  But don’t put that on my cake either.  My infatuation with this dessert began in grade school.  This combination was regularly offered as a dessert option for lunch.  So, I guess my love of store bought birthday dessert can be blamed on my grade school lunches.

I remember there being a great variety in cakes for my family.  Devil’s Food, Mississippi Mud, German Chocolate, Blueberry pie (I know.  Not a cake.).  There were also some incredibly amazing cakes made by my aunt.  I still recall the giant hamburger cake that she made with green gummy drops flattened out until they looked like lettuce.  And, of course, there was the “cat litter” sheet cake with Tootsie Rolls molded to look like…well….what do you expect to find in a box of cat litter?

So, while I am watching Food Network and enjoying yet another piece of my perfect birthday cake I am wondering what your birthday cake is.  Do you always have the same cake?  Is your cake not a cake?  Do you prefer a brownie?  A lemon bar?  Or do you skip the cake and have another piece of pizza?


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