A scarf for Ryan

For Ryan, I decided that I would make a scarf from the book The Chicks With Sticks Guide to Knitting – the Boyfriend Basket Weave Scarf.

Basket Weave Stitch:

Rows 1-4 Knit 4, Purl 4 – repeat across the row

Rows 5-8 Purl 4, Knit 4 – repeat across the row

Then repeat rows 1-8

I thought that this was going to be a fairly simple scarf.  So, after a break from knitting, I dove back in last week.  I was sure surprised when I realized that I had completely forgotten how to purl!  Ah!  I watched several videos on YouTube to try to reteach myself but none of the videos made any sense to me.  Thankfully, Erin came to my rescue last night with a refresher course on purling and going from knit to purl in the same row.  So, I was actually able to get a lot done on this scarf.  Once the muscle memory started to kick back in, the knitting and purling actually started to get a lot faster.

The scarf so far:

The pattern actually doesn’t show up that well with the dark yarn but I think that it is going to be a nice subtle pattern.  When I first attempted to learn this pattern, I was using a light blue yarn so the stitch changes were actually pretty easy to see.  But, I do think that this is going to look really nice when complete.


One thought on “A scarf for Ryan

  1. I zoomed in on the picture. It really is a nice pattern. I know he will love it. After Ryan, I think Puck should have a sweater!

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