Cats are Horrible Garden Assistants

When Buddy was a kitten, I had several house plants.  When Buddy realized that I had several house plants, she quickly devised a plan to kill all of them.  I came home one day to find my lovely plant had been completely dug up and thrown on the ground.  The planter was lying on its side on the windowsill.  The tiny paw prints led me directly to the culprit.  I recently decided that since she was no longer a kitten and had become a responsible member of our household, it was time for me to once again fill the apartment with house plants.  That is when I learned the horrible truth.  It seems as though almost every plant is toxic for cats!

Ryan and I went to Home Depot today to search for plants.  Ryan was armed with the ASPCA website.  I was going on sheer instinct.  It turns out, when it comes to picking out safe plants, I have absolutely no instinct.  Thank goodness for the website.  It’s actually very helpful.  They list plants that are toxic to dogs and to cats.  That is great because I do not want to put Buddy, Bugz or Puck in any danger.

As I was searching through the Home Depot house plant section I came to the horrible realization that almost every single plant there would cause the cats to at the very least throw up on our new living room rug.  I was getting more and more discouraged until I found what seemed like the only thing that was safe: a palm.  How big will this palm get?  I have no idea.  Will I have to re-pot this palm every month because it keeps outgrowing its home in a style very similar to Audrey II?  I sure hope not.  Will this palm slowly take over our living room until we can no longer sit on the couch but have to climb through the plant and sit in its branches?  I don’t think so.  What I do know is that the only danger that Buddy faces from this plant is my reaction when she digs it up and leaves it on the floor.


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