Cats Are Not the Best Problem Solvers

The last couple days have been very hot. Very very hot. July hot. Yesterday, both cats spent most of the day sprawled on the floor as a wood floor is definitely going to be the coolest place to lay down.  Although they were definitely in the way for anyone trying to walk around the apartment, they both managed to look quite comfortable. Today, however, was different.

Shortly after we moved into our apartment, we placed a pillow on a one of the shelves on the back porch. That is Buddy’s little bed/throne. It is perfect when it is colder out because it gets direct sunlight almost all day. So, I was a bit surprised to see her sprawled across the pillow this morning. She picked the hottest place in the apartment to lay down. She was panting like a dog. This was not her finest hour. I picked her up and brought her into the living room. I placed her down on their cardboard-scratching-thing. And that’s where she has been since then. Yep. I’m sure that most other cats would have figured out that if you are really hot in one place then you should move to a cooler place. Buddy is not like most cats.


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