Cats Have No Sense of Personal Space

If you have a cat, you already are well aware of their lack of a basic understanding of personal space. They crawl into your lap. They sit on your laptop. They wait until after you have showered so that they can chew on your hair. (That last one might not be all cats.  That one might just be Buddy). It really comes down to the fact that cats want to be where they want to be when they want to be there. They don’t care that you are wearing black pants. They are going to rub their tales on your outfit. You just made an ice cream sundae? They will wait until you turn around and to dive in. But, it is comforting to know that this lack of personal space knowledge is not just a cat-person problem. It is also a cat-cat problem.

This was recently demonstrated by Buddy and Bugz. Buddy was napping on the couch. Bugz decided that he wanted to sit exactly where she was already sitting. How does a cat solve that problem? Well, he solves it by doing exactly the same thing that he would do if Buddy had been a person. He sits on her.

At least they both look comfortable


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