For the Love of Veggies – and my 50th blog post!

I will admit it.  I am not very comfortable working with many vegetables.  It’s not because I don’t like to eat them.  I do.  I like to saute zucchini and squash but that’s about as far as my veggie cooking goes.  It works out nicely for me that Ryan is such a great cook.  However, it is definitely time for me to get fully acquainted with cooking and how to cook vegetables well.  I’ve given myself an assignment.  I will join a CSA and/or go to the farmers market every week and will cook vegetables!

The plan:

Tuesdays – go to the Farmers Market in the Square

Pick out a new vegetable before buying my regular mini-loaf of zucchini bread, butterkase cheese and pint of berries.

Bring home vegetable and search for recipes.

Cook food and have it ready when Ryan gets home.

Extra credit:  Join a CSA.  Ryan and I found a CSA that seems like it will be a good fit.  You can do weekly or every-other-week deliveries.  You can add on specific produce that you want or dairy or meat products.  And you don’t have to do an expensive membership fee.  So, hopefully, that will work out nicely.

I’ll let you know how I do on this assignment.  And I’d love to know of any veggie recipes that you recommend.  Especially, for veggies that are in season now.


One thought on “For the Love of Veggies – and my 50th blog post!

  1. Simple and always tasty with fresh or frozen vegetables: a little olive in the skillet, add your vegetable and saute until desired doneness ( I really like the frozen stir fry mix of vegetables). Add some hot pepper flakes and just a little peanut butter for protein and additional flavor. To finish, eat as is, top with a little plain, non fat yougart, and/or roll up in a pita.

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