Best way to learn about a city? Eat cupcakes!

When it became official that my little sis was going to visit us for about a week during the summer, I immediately started planning what we could do.  I knew that the week would involve eating lots of food.  Originally, the plan had been to go on a cupcake crawl to the many bakeries in my neighborhood.  However, my lil’ sister and I are actually a bit smarter than that.  Instead of piling on tons of baked goods in one day and never making it through the rest of the visit, we decided to try to go to a different bakery each day.

And so, I give you Big Sis/Lil’ Sis bakery tour:

Bakery #1 – Lutz Bakery.

This worked out rather nicely as Lutz had just had a Groupon.  Yay for Groupon!  Yay for snacks at Lutz! In addition to being a really great deal since we had a Groupon to use, Lutz is one of those bakeries that’s been around for a very very long time.  A bakery that’s been around since 1948?  You can be pretty sure that anything you order will be fantastic.

Our order – a lemon log (cake rolled with lemon butter cream) and a piece of marzipan cake.  This was the first time that the lil’ sis had ever tried marzipan.  I am fairly certain that it will not be her last.

Bakery #2 – Cafe Selmarie.

I’ve blogged about Selmarie before.  Their raspberry marzipan torte is on my top 5 list.  But, everything that I’ve had here has been delicious.  You want a delicious dinner?  Head to Selmarie.  You need a cake or pie to bring to a party?  Head to Selmarie.  You want to pick up a bunch of cookies to bring to a party but you know that you will actually leave them at home so that you can eat them all by yourself?  Head to Selmarie.

Our order – raspberry marzipan torte (surprising, I know) and chocolate espresso tart.  I finished up my slice of raspberry marzipan torte rather quickly.  I am a pro at eating this cake.  Lil sis finished up her chocolate espresso tart for breakfast the next day.  It has all of the food groups that guarantee a great beginning to your day: chocolate and espresso.

Bakery #3 – Bleeding Heart Bakery.

I’ve blogged about Bleeding Heart before as well.  Ryan and I used their Groupon for my birthday.  Ryan and the lil’ sis and I had just finished brunch at Orange and were not particularly hungry but we decided to grab a couple cupcakes for later. I always feel a little torn when I walk into Bleeding Heart.  Do I want a cookie?  A giant brownie?  A pile of cake balls?  A cupcake?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The final decision:  lil’ sis got a carrot cake cupcake and I got a key lime cupcake.

Bakery #4 – Angel Food Bakery.

After I tried their coconut cupcakes, this quickly became one of my favorite bakeries in the whole city.  Not only are their baked treats delicious, the bakery is absolutely adorable.  Seriously.  Just walking through the door makes me happy and that’s before I’ve even ordered anything.  And once I order something, I am even happier!  They bake their own version of a Twinkie!  How could you not love that?!?

Our order:  coconut cupcake (because I love them so much!) and a hockey puck (basically a giant Rice Krispies treat covered in chocolate)

And that wraps up our mini-tour.  I do believe that the best and easiest way to learn about a new place is to eat their food.  Sure, these were all places that I had been to before many times.  And yes, I ordered some of my usual snacks at a couple places.  But this was all new to my lil’ sis.  She got to try marzipan for the first time ever!  And, in the case of the the chocolate espresso tart, she got to eat her dessert as breakfast.  And when is that ever a bad thing?


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