All I Want is a Hard Boiled Egg

I loved hard boiled eggs. And I love egg salad sandwiches. Although, I only love egg salad sandwiches that I have made myself. I feel the same way about tuna salad sandwiches. Unless I have made it or unless my mom has made it, I probably won’t like it because it won’t taste “right.” Actually, the only person that has managed to make a tuna salad sandwich that I like is Ben. So, kudos to Ben. But, this blog is about hard boiled eggs.

It is summer and that means that I want nothing more than a sandwich and maybe a salad. Today, I wanted an egg salad sandwich. But I have yet to really master the hard boiled egg. My hard boiled eggs are frequently over cooked so they have that ugly green circle around the yolk. Although it will still taste like egg salad, I wanted a perfect egg salad. So, I did some research. And my research led me to believe that everyone does this differently. This site gave me different information from this site.  This page gave different information from this page.   OK.

I was going to have to improvise a bit.  I decided to take some of the information from all of the sites that I found to try to make some great eggs.

1) Cover eggs with plenty of water.

2) Bring water to a boil.

3) Cover pot and lower heat of water to low.

4) Cook for additional 12 minutes.

5) Remove from heat and transfer to cold water.

6) Peel and eat.

I then prepped my eggs for my sandwich.  I like mayo, yellow mustard, a touch of dijon mustard and a pinch of paprika.


Now I want to know, do you have any tricks to get the perfect hard boiled egg?


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