A Disaster Involving Kale

So, when I think of kale I tend to think of soup. It is now way to warm to be making soup but we had some kale in our CSA that desperately needed to be cooked before it had completely wilted.  I decided to cook it up for my lunch.  I found a recipe that involved heating up some olive oil, adding some seasonings (garlic, salt, pepper and I added a touch of red pepper flakes) and then adding in the kale.  Well, my oil was way to hot.  And I mean way way way too hot.  As soon as the kale hit the oil it flash fried.  Let me tell you, fried kale is not good.  It’s as gross as you are imagining it to be.  There were a few pieces that were salvageable but mostly it was a lost cause.

But, I learned something.  I learned something very important.  If there is a veggie that instantly makes me think of one food (kale and potato soup), it is probably best to use it for that food.

Lesson learned.


One thought on “A Disaster Involving Kale

  1. Yes… But did the smoke detector go off and the fire department show up? Because if not, I know a better story about you… Just sayin…

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