Yummy! Tart!

Although I do love pie, tarts always seem a bit fancier and a bit more summery. Perhaps because you can see the filling and the berries that you used and it has that lovely glaze on top.  And tarts can elegantly stand on their own instead of being stuck in a pie plate.

We have a ton of fruits and berries in the house from Green City Market and from our CSA. I knew it was time for a tart. Luckily, the June issue of Martha Stewart Living had an entire section of tart recipes. Although they all look very tasty, it seems as though most tart recipes are just variations on the standard: buttery crust, pudding-like filling, fruit.

So, even though the temperature was going to go into the 90s again, I got everything together and prepped myself for a really really hot kitchen.  (It would be awesome if the next place that we lived in had central air.  That would be awesome.  Really really awesome.)

The finished tart really is one of the prettiest things that I’ve ever baked:


2 thoughts on “Yummy! Tart!

  1. Oh my goodness! I am so glad that I am part of the focus group for this tart. Can’t wait until tomorrow. Mom

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