Festival Time! Festival Food!

It’s summer in Chicago and that means it’s festival time. It seems like every weekend there are street closures for some neighborhood festival. Suddenly, Chicagoans find themselves sweating in line for a brat or a deep fried Twinkie. That’s all well and good but after you’ve been to one festival and heard one cover band, it seems as though you’ve already been to every festival for the summer. That’s why, instead of my goal to go to a street fest every weekend that I have had for many years, I pick and choose my fest adventures. I try to pick festivals that are based on a certain culture or one type of food. That’s why I love Ribfest in the NorthCenter neighborhood and German-American Fest in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  And that’s why I love Pierogi Fest.

Now, you may notice that although Pierogi Fest is a festival based on one type of food (pierogi) it is not actually located in Chicago. However, a brief drive to Whiting, Indiana is made totally worthwhile after you have stood in line for some sweet cheese pierogi and a potato pancake.  Take the time to sample different types of pierogi from different vendors.  And if your lil’ sister is in town, be sure that she gets an egg roll (definitely tasty even though it doesn’t generally go with pierogi).

Plus, festivals are great for people watching.  Pierogi Fest has Mr. Pierogi.  Serisously.  And that, is awesome.

Mr. Pierogi and His Family


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