Between Two Slices of Bread

I recently wrote about my love of the Food Network and specifically my love of the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  I recently watched an episode that was all about food that is served between two slices of bread.  I once again began to think about what my answer would be.  What is my all-time favorite sandwich?  I also, of course, asked Ryan the same question.

Ryan’s answer:  Choriqueso torta from Xoco.

My answer: Although every burger that I’ve had from Kuma’s is great, my all-time favorite is the classic Kuma Burger.  The Lair of the Minotaur is a close second but the fried egg of the Kuma Burger is more powerful than the brie on the Lair of the Minotaur burger.

So now, I want to know your answer.  What’s your favorite food served between two slices of bread?  What’s the best sandwich that you’ve ever had?  And where can I get one?


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