A Scarf for Ryan – Update #3

Oh, man.  I have got to finish this scarf!  I spent most of my downtime this summer reading my way through piles and piles of books.  Now, I’m not apologizing for getting so much reading accomplished in just a few months.  I love reading and always try to have at least one book ready to go.  The down side is that I didn’t get any knitting done this summer!  Despite the temperature highs this past weekend, fall is on it’s way and I need to finish this scarf.

So, I gave myself a job on Columbus Day.  My task was to knit for at least an hour on Columbus Day.  I knew that I would also do laundry, wash the dishes, and start reading a new book but I knew that I needed to start making my knitting a priority once again or Ryan would never be able to use this scarf.

After an hour of knitting, I think that I’ve made some solid progress.  I may actually have this done by the time that winter decides to show up.


Ryan's Scarf



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