A Scarf for Ryan – Update #4

Neverending pile of books

OK, this is getting ridiculous.  I’ve been working on this scarf for a long (!!!!!) time now and it still isn’t close to being long enough to function as a scarf.  So, I’ve fallen behind on my knitting.  My pile of books that I still need to read has grown instead of shrunk.  I’ve only baked one recipe from my self-assigned task of baking my way through Baked.

A while ago, when I was commenting on my lack of getting things done, Ryan said, “Yea.  It’s kind of like you have a full-time job again.”  Yea.

Oh well.

My goal was to get this scarf done by the time that it started to get cold.  It’s now November.  It has definitely begun to get cold out.  I have gone past my goal.

Will the scarf be finished?  Yes.

Will the scarf be finished soon? Ummmmmmmmmm……………..

I had the day off today and there was a ton of housework that I could’ve started.  However, I’ve been waging war against a cold for the past several weeks and didn’t really want to leave the couch today.  So, that meant catching up on some naps, some reading, and some knitting.

I actually made some progress on the scarf today.  After this morning, it looks like:

It's almost a scarf!


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