A Scarf for Ryan – Update #5

So, I now have more inspiration to finish this scarf. First, it’s cold out and Ryan needs to have a warm neck. Second, Erin is coming over in a couple days to teach me how to knit in the round. I really want to get this scarf mostly finished before I start a new project.

So, while watching a marathon of Harry Potter movies, I sat down to get some work done on this scarf.

I’m actually kind of impressed with what I was able to accomplish tonight.

The scarf at this point:


One thought on “A Scarf for Ryan – Update #5

  1. Hey there! I have a similar pattern that I use to make a baby blanket and I would always mess up on the switch from knit to purl and back again to knit in the same row. So here’s what I did (maybe it will help you too). I went to the yarn shop in town and bought spacers. They come in little packages of 20 or so rings in different sizes and colors for different size needles. I placed a spacer where ever I had to switch sts and it made my knitting project so much faster because I didn’t have to really think about it; the ring just meant ‘switch’! Whenever you get to a spacer, you just slip it over to the right needle and keep knitting so it never gets stuck in your work, it just stays on the needles, marking where the switches are. You’re right about the muscle memory, after awhile your hands just do it and you get faster and better with every row! I can watch tv now and knit I’ve done it so much. You should start branching out and trying new things….I’d love to see what you could do!

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