Christmas Spirit is in the air

Pretty tree is up.  There are already Christmas presents underneath.

Pretty Tree

Pretty Tree is the official present holder

Crazy tree is up and Bessie the Holiday cow is in her place of honor.

Bessie the Holiday Cow looks quite regal under Crazy Tree

Snow is on the ground.  And the air is stupid cold.

I’ve started making my list of baking that I need to get done.  I made a lot of different Christmas cookies last year but I think that this year I am going to keep it simple with only a couple types. I’m pretty excited about Christmas baking.  It just doesn’t seem like Christmas until the kitchen is covered with flour.

There is a pile of presents on the table that I still have to wrap.  I’ll probably do that tonight while watching another Christmas movie.  Seeing the pile of presents under the tree slowly grow is such a heartwarming sight.

Christmas movie nights have been under way since the night before Thanksgiving.  Since Thanksgiving I have watched White Christmas, Love Actually, Elf, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  I still have many Christmas movies to watch on my list but now I want to know:  What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Why?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit is in the air

  1. We all know that I for one (and the only one is this family) still like watching the Homecoming (Walton’s Christmas movie). I am still hopeful of seeing this film before having to go back to school. Love you, Mom

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