Baking My Way Through Baked – The Fifth Recipe

For the first time since we have been a couple, Ryan and I were both going to be at our own home for Christmas. Usually, we are on the road on the way to somewhere. This year was going to be different.

We planned to have a nice dinner at home on Christmas Eve. We ordered a couple nice pieces of meat from our CSA. Ryan browsed through cook books for a new recipe to use all of the squash that had been sitting on our kitchen table. I gave him the task of picking our dessert as well.

His choice? Ryan wanted something chocolatey to drink for dessert. Luckily, Baked has a perfect recipe for that.

Our Christmas Eve dessert was going to be the Adult Hot Chocolate.  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, milk, cream, maple syrup, and amaretto liqueur.  How can that not be delicious?

Time For Some Hot Chocolate

I made a couple adjustments to the recipe.  Instead of 2 ounces of milk chocolate and 5 ounces of dark chocolate, I added 3 ounces of milk chocolate and 4 ounces of dark.  Once the chocolate is chopped, you are supposed to add 1/2 cup of boiling water.  I added closer to 3/4 cup of boiling water.  I added a little bit more simply because the recipe also asked that most of the chocolate be submerged.  In order to do that, I needed a tiny bit more water.

Chocolate and Water. I could drink this the way it is.

The recipe also calls for 3/4 cup of whole milk and 1/4 cup heavy cream.  I made another substitution here as I added skim milk instead of whole milk.  The note to the side of the recipe says that the recipe makes a very rich and thick hot chocolate and that you can lighten it up by simply changing the whole milk to a lighter milk.  After a dinner of shrimp, steak, squash and sauteed mushrooms, we really didn’t need a glass of whole milk.

I’ve got to say, this is probably my favorite hot chocolate recipe that I’ve tried.  It’s rich but not too rich.  It’s chocolatey but not too chocolatey.  It is kind of the perfect hot chocolate.

Last winter, Ryan worked on perfecting his own hot chocolate mix.  His mix was pretty good but I think that this recipe is better.  It’s not as convenient as having a hot chocolate mix ready to go but it is super super easy.  As long as you have chocolate on hand, and I always have chocolate on hand, this is an easy recipe to throw together.  And if you are missing some components of it, it would be pretty simple to make a substitution.

Delicious Chocolate. Hot Chocolate.


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