Nothing to Trifle With….Or, New Year’s Trifle

My mom would make a trifle every year for brunch on New Year’s Day.  This is a tradition that I have stuck to for my own New Year’s brunch.  This year’s trifle was a bit different, however.  One of the reasons that I love trifle is that it is so incredibly easy.  You can essentially make a trifle by adding in whatever flavors you want.

To make a big bowl of trifle:

Gather your ingredients.  Cake, pudding, juice, preserves, almonds.  Usually, my mom uses sponge cake for her trifle.  In years past, I have bought either a sponge cake or a pound cake from the store.  This year, there was neither sponge cake nor pound cake to be had so I purchased an angel food cake.  Ryan said that this was his favorite trifle thus far because of the angel food cake.  So, don’t be afraid to experiment to find what you like the best.

1) Cut the cake in half going across.  Spread jam or preserves on the top of the bottom piece.  Be sure to spread a thick layer.  The preserves add a lot of great flavor to your trifle.  I used raspberry preserves but again, you could use whatever you have on hand or whatever flavor you like the best.  Put the top half back on.  Essentially you are frosting the middle of the cake with jam or preserves.

2) Cut the cake into chunks and place in the bottom of a pretty bowl.  It is important to use a pretty glass or clear plastic bowl since this ends up being such a pretty dessert full of yummy layers.

3) Sprinkle the cake chunks with some orange juice.  You could also use an alcoholic beverage like sherry, rum, or brandy.

4) Top this with pudding.  My mom always used french vanilla pudding, however, I couldn’t find that at the store this year so I just used regular vanilla pudding.

5) At this point, you can add some fresh whipped cream to the top. (I skipped that this year.)

6) Top with some toasted almonds.  I recommend not skipping this step as the almonds add a nice crunchy texture to a mostly mushy dessert.  However, you don’t have to use almonds.  You can use whatever nuts you have on hand.  Perhaps a handful of crushed cookies might be nice, too.

7) Eat and enjoy!

This trifle is not going to last very long......


3 thoughts on “Nothing to Trifle With….Or, New Year’s Trifle

  1. so the picturre of the trifle looked beautiful. Sounds good with angel food cake, I may need to try that–maybe the next time we are all together. Is there any left? Love you, Mom

  2. Mom, there’s a little bit left. Trifle is a fantastic breakfast food. : )
    And the angel food cake was pretty good. It definitely soaked up the pudding ad everything nicely. Next time we are all together, we could have a trifle taste test……make several trifles with different cakes to see which we like best.

    Or, we could be sensible and just have one.

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