Monkey Bread!

As can be see from past postings, when I get an idea in my head I can be very stubborn. On Christmas Day, I started planning our food for New Year’s Day brunch. For some reason, monkey bread popped into my head. It’s been years since I had monkey bread and I never actually made it. My mom would make it from time to time when we were younger and I remember it being insanely delicious. I also remember we would call it monkey brains.

Monkey brains. It doesn’t sound very appetizing. However, monkey bread? That doesn’t actually sound very delicious either.

Bread made out of monkeys? Bread made for monkeys? No. Store bought biscuits covered in sugar and cinnamon. I guess that that is too long of a name.

I found a recipe on Food Network and I thought that I would give it a try.  You can find the recipe here if you want to try this one as well.  And, I recommend that you give it a try.  It’s super easy and ends up being simply delicious.  Bread.  Sugar.  Cinnamon.  Brown sugar.  Butter.  How could it not be delicious?

Can't. Resist. .....Must. Eat. More.


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