And…Christmas is Gone….Mostly

So, I was determined to get Christmas taken down today. And now, the living room floor is covered with boxes that Ryan will eventually put away on shelves that I can’t reach. I love seeing the floor covered with Christmas boxes in November. But seeing the boxes all over the floor now? It’s just kind of depressing.

*sigh* There goes Christmas.....

Next year, I am buying a new crazy tree. This year crazy tree started to lean more and more. Plus, each branch held an average of three ornaments so we probably need to upgrade to a larger tree.  But as I was putting stuff in boxes and sealing the boxes shut for another year I realized something.  It looks like crazy tree is going to have one more night of Christmas glory.

Well, I’ve run out of boxes and I still have a bag full of ornaments that need a box and I have five strings of lights that also need somewhere to go. Instead of having piles of lights on the floor, I think that I’ll just leave them on the tree for one more night.  Should I actually take the tree down and just put the lights and ornaments somewhere?  Probably.  But, I’ve made my decision.  One more night of festivity instead of four nights of untangling lights that were left on the floor.

Plus, crazy tree looks nice.  Even without any ornaments.

Yes, those are bubble lights and flamingo lights. Yes, crazy tree is awesome.


One thought on “And…Christmas is Gone….Mostly

  1. So, I have been inspired to once again have a “pretty” tree, not just one big crazy tree next year. We actually had one, many years ago when you were too young to remember. Although I haven’t shared this thought with Dad yet, Amy is all for it. The new pretty tree will be a skinny, corner tree in the dining room. Thanks for the inspiration. Love you, Mom

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