My First Lesson in Crocheting

I have found many fun patterns and knitting pattern books that also require you to have a background in crocheting. I decided that it was time for me to give it a try. After Christmas, armed with my gift card from Mom and Dad, I went to Jo-Ann to sign up for two classes. I signed up for Crochet 101 and Cake Decorating Basics. (I’ll let you know how the cake decorating class goes in a couple weeks.)

I was a bit unsure how the lesson was going to go as I’ve never taken a class at Jo-Ann before. When I was taught how to knit, it was by someone that I already knew and someone that I knew would be incredibly patient with me when I got confused and frustrated.  (Erin is awesome!!!!)

All in all, it was not too bad.  It was a nice basic intro to crochet.  However, I still need a lot of practice and tutoring.  I’m kind of stuck because I am definitely not ready for the next step up at Jo-Ann.  However, I won’t be able to self-teach myself or self-correct myself.  Perhaps, one of the lovely ladies in my family who all seem to know how to crochet will take pity on me and give me free lessons……..

In the meantime, crocheting is kind of weird.  And it definitely feels weird now that I’ve been knitting as long as I have.  The motions feel odd.  But, I do think that with a great tutor and a lot of practice, this could be something that I could get in to.

What I accomplished tonight:

My blob of crochet


One thought on “My First Lesson in Crocheting

  1. Hi honey, well, your crochet blob is really cute. I would love to help you learn how to crochet. That is what I know how to do instead of knitting. so, just plan on the next time we are together, we can continue your lessons. I think you got quite a lot accomplished in your first lesson. Love you, Mom

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