Happy Valentine’s Day – Nothing says love like a plate of fried chicken

It’s Valentine’s Day once again.  I love Valentine’s Day.  I always have.  When we were little, Valentine’s Day breakfast was served on the red Valentine’s Day placemats and always had a small little present included on the plate.  When I got older, Valentine’s Day was an excuse to do some baking for those that I love, and for myself of course.

Now that I’m married, Valentine’s Day is when we make plans months in advance to have a delicious dinner and a lovely date night.  Since Valentine’s Day is a Monday this year, we made our dinner plans on Sunday night.  For my birthday last year, we went to Table 52.  It was delicious.  However, my birthday dinner was on a Saturday and that meant no fried chicken.  For Valentine’s Day, Ryan and I wanted fried chicken.  (Table 52 serves fried chicken on Sundays and Mondays only.)  Thank goodness it was Sunday!

This meal was one of those meals that change your life a bit.  We’ve eaten at Table 52 before and it was delicious.  But this time was different.  When you have an all-time favorite food (my Papa’s fried chicken) and you eat something that instantly takes you back to that food, it’s a little shocking and a bit emotional.

Food can be an emotional experience.  And that’s not me being some sort of food snob.  I promise you.  Think of the food that you ate on Sundays when you were little.  Imagine the taste.  Remember the smells.  Hear the sounds.  If that can redone in a new environment, I promise you will feel emotional about it.

And that brings me back to Valentine’s Day dinner.  Is  Chef Art Smith‘s fried chicken the best chicken I have ever eaten?  Well, no.  But it’s the closest to Papa’s fried chicken that I have ever found.

And that may be the best compliment that I could ever give to a piece of food.


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