Baking My Way Through Baked – The Ninth Recipe

For my next Cake Decorating Basics class, I needed to bring one cake with my choice of filling. I happened to have a jar of lemon curd in the fridge and thought that a lemon cake might be nice. Luckily, Baked has a recipe for Lemon Drop Cake that I decided to bake for this assignment.
For class, I needed to bring my “class icing” and one layer cake. This cake bakes in three separate pans, so I would have extra to enjoy at home. Since I had to bring in my “class icing” I wasn’t going to make the lemon drop frosting. However, I planned on making a batch of the lemon curd filling for this recipe to use on the one cake layer that would stay at home.

This was a very easy cake from beginning to end.  Since I don’t actually bake a lot of cakes (I frequently make cookies or pies instead) I had kind of forgotten just how simple a cake can be.

The batter was very light and smelled faintly of lemons (the batter has lemon zest in it).

Light and lemony batter

The cakes are ready to go to class

I brought all three layers to my class just in case I would need them.  I only ended up using one.   And, it’s not so bad for my first real attempt at decorating a cake.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy..... Bonus points if you know the Sesame Street character that yells that while fishing.

I brought the decorated cake to work with me and put it in the break room with a note asking people to eat it.  A coworker said that she loved the lemony taste in the cake and that she loved my decorating.  She also said that it would be great for a wedding cake.  I’m assuming that she meant that it would be great for a wedding cake if it didn’t have a fish covering the top.

I assumed that most of the strong lemony flavor would come from the lemon curd and the lemon curd frosting.  I fully intended to make the curd and frosting some time during the week.  However, as the week went on, I came to the conclusion that I would not actually be making the lemon curd or the lemon curd frosting.

You know when you have one of those weeks?  When you don’t want to do a single thing when you get home?  Well, that was this week.  When I actually felt ambitious enough to make some curd, that feeling lasted only about two minutes.  So, I decided to just let this one go.  And I am certain that this cake will be just fine without fancy homemade curd and fancy homemade curd frosting.  I am also certain that if I eat a piece for breakfast each morning that I will eventually finish off all of the cake.

Plus, after you’ve had one of those weeks, is there any better way to start you day than with a big piece of cake?


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