Cake Decorating Class – Session #4 – Final Class

So, my class was usually on Mondays but my instructor had to reschedule for Tuesday. That should’ve been fine except that I waited until Monday night to 1) bake the cake 2) make the frosting 3) fill the cake 4) frost the cake. Not a very good idea.

This was actually a lot more stressful than cake should be. I got a mix from Betty Crocker and I’m really thankful that I did. Making a cake from scratch would not have fit into my Monday night.

For this cake, I decided to fill it with fresh strawberries.


Delicious, completely out-of-season strawberries!

Good idea, right? I thought so until I started actually frosting the cake and the strawberries were literally jumping out of the cake. And I did exactly what I was supposed to do. As you can see in the pic below, I put a double border on the outside of the cake to hold the fruit in. That border did not hold.

Stupid border.

Then, I realized that this was the most crumby cake that I’ve ever made. Seriously. Crumbs were everywhere. I tried to clear them off but that didn’t actually work. There are tons of crumbs in my icing. Oh well. This final cake isn’t actually for a grade. I reminded myself of that for several hours on Monday.

Stupid crumby cake....

I decided on my final decor for the cake while I was baking it.  There are two cakes in the lesson plan book that I decided to combine.  Flowers.  Polka-dots.  What’s not to love, right?  I also wanted to use the hot pink color that I bought after my first class and perhaps use up some of my icing from last week’s class.  So, I also brought in my light pink, green and white from last week.

Once we finished learning lettering and a new flower, it was time to get started on our cakes.  As we were working throughout the class, I decided to just use one color – hot pink.  And this pink was definitely hot pink.  Under the fluorescent lights of the classroom, I swear this cake looked like it could glow in the dark.  I added the new rose that we had learned earlier that night to the cake.  I then added dots for my borders.  As a final step, I added in some dots on the sides.  (This also helped to cover up imperfections.)


I’ve got to say, this is a great cake!  It really turned out nicely.

Beautiful cake!

As with the rest of my classes, I brought my project to work the next day.  Everyone that I talked to said that they absolutely loved it.

My favorite quote for the day?  “When I heard that this was your last class, that was the saddest thing I heard all day.”


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