Cats have the weirdest habits

Several months ago,  Ryan and I realized that the top of Buddy’s head was frequently wet.  Really wet.  Soaking wet.  We soon realized that she was drinking water out of the bathtub faucet.  I was a bit worried at first.  Did she not have water in the bowl?  Was the bowl not clean?

Yes, she had water in the bowl.  Yes, the bowl was quite clean.

Then I learned that cats still retain a lot of their natural instincts.  Finding fresh, running water was an instinct that a lot of cats still have.  So, no need to worry.

For quite some time,  Buddy would run quickly out of the bathroom if she had been in the bathtub and could hear your footsteps.

Now, however, she almost seems proud of her ability to find running water.

But, be careful if you want to pet her.  Her head is probably soaking wet.


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