Baking My Way Through Baked – The Tenth Recipe

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually done some baking.  I decided that that would change when I brought breakfast to work on Friday.  I took a look through the breakfast section of Baked and went with the Marble Bundt Cake.  Bonus?  My aunt and uncle gave me a new bundt pan with carrying case for my birthday!  It was time to christen the new pan.

For the chocolate layer, I decided to combine two types of dark chocolate.

Mmmmm. Chocolate.

I think that perhaps I didn’t divide the batter properly.  It ended up looking closer to 50/50.  And the chocolate batter was only supposed to be 1/3 of the entire amount of batter.  Oops.


At first, the cake looked lovely and swirled.

Beautiful batter.

But after it baked, the two layers seemed to separate so that there was just a blob of chocolate surrounded by a little bit of the non-chocolate batter.  Perhaps this is because there was just too much chocolate batter?

Not very marbled. But still yummy.

This recipe was actually one of the easiest that I’ve done in the Baked cookbook.  The directions were very simple and seemed pretty accurate.  And it was really delicious!


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