When the weather dictates your food

So, it has been hot in Chicago. I mean really really hot. On the way home today, I passed a sign that said that it was 100 degrees outside. The sign next to it said that it was 99 degrees. I don’t know which one was correct but at that point, I don’t think that it matters. It’s hot. Really hot.

As with many other people, I do not like to cook when it is this hot out.  I might feel different if we had central air (oh, I wish we had central air) but even when I lived in apartments with central air conditioning, I still didn’t want to do any cooking or baking when it was this hot.  In addition to not wanting to turn on the stove, when it is this hot I rarely want to eat things that have been cooked.  A dinner of raw veggies and a bowl of berries sounds like perfection.  Right now, I am getting ready to snack on some radishes with a little butter and salt and some fresh raspberries.

What is your favorite thing to eat when it’s this hot out?

As a side note, the weather forecast is calling for a major cool down.  And that’s good.  Because I really want some meatloaf.  But I’m not going to make meatloaf if it’ll just melt on my plate.


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