In which one of my fave restaurant deals becomes one of my new fave restaurants

Lots of restaurants in Chicago have prix fixe dining deals. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, if you are dining with a prix fixe menu, you pay a set price and pick from two choices for each of your courses. It’s usually a lot cheaper than choosing three courses from the regular menu but the food will still be on par with the the rest of the menu.

I love finding prix fixe nights at restaurants because I love getting a really great deal. If I can get a really great deal and still get a really great meal then I am very happy.  Dining with a prix fixe menu also forces me to try new things.  I tend to order the same types of foods no matter where I am dining.  If there are only two options and neither are items that I would normally choose, I get to try something entirely new and different.

A restaurant opened in our neighborhood that exists solely under the prix fixe concept. In fact, it’s name is Prix Fixe. It is exactly what you would expect. The menu is prix fixe. That way it can change frequently.  Our server informed us that if we returned in two weeks that the menu would be different again.

I love my neighborhood but one thing that we have been lacking is “nicer” restaurants where you can get a “nicer” meal.  This one fits the bill.  The food was yummy.  The wine selection (although I didn’t have any) was pretty strong.  The restaurant was small but cozy.

I’ll be back again.  In two weeks?  Who wants to join me?


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