Cross this one off of the list

So, as my readers already know, I love the Travel Channel and Food Network. In fact, if the tv is on in the living room, the chances are really good that one of these channels is on.

I love when they show foods/restaurants in Chicago because I love finding new food.

Quite a long time ago, a show that I was watching on one of these channels was discussing types of pizza. Of course, Chicago has a lot of pizza types to try. Deep dish pizza is great if you want a lot of food in one slice of pizza. Traditional thin crust Italian pizza is delicious but it sure is easy to eat an entire pizza in one sitting. (That might just be me.) However, this show talked about a kind of pizza that I had not heard of.
Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder
in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago has a pizza pot pie. Seriously.

Yesterday, I finally had the  chance to try this and it is delicious.   And you definitely don’t have to worry about leaving hungry.  Portion sizes are, well, filling.

Giant salad

Seriously giant salad

The pot pie tastes more like a big bowl of pasta sauce with a nice chunk of bread to soak up all of the sauce.

The big blobs under the cheese are whole mushrooms. Yum!

Yum! Yum! And Yum!

The key to going to try this is to get there soon after they open.  Ryan and I tried to go there a couple months ago and the line was simply ridiculous.  Yesterday, we got there right after they had opened and were able to get a table as soon as we walked in the door.  By the time we were ready to leave, there was already a line at the door.

So get there early.  But give it a try.  This is some seriously comforting food.


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