Prepping for Baby

So, we did a practice run with the pack-n-play. That will be the baby’s bed in our room for a couple months. It looks great and baby girl will be quite comfy in it, I think.

Ready for baby

The next step that we took was to buy some baby lotion.  One of my aunts told me that she put on baby lotion so that her doggy would become accustomed to baby smells.  I thought that that was a great idea so I gave it a try.  Puck didn’t care.  Bugz wasn’t interested in it at all.  Buddy, however, was enthralled by the smell.  And the weird thing is that she continues to be amazed by the smell of baby lotion.

Soon after, Buddy discovered the laundry basket filled with baby blankets and clothes.  She loves (!!!!!) baby clothes.

Best spot in the house

The good thing is that Buddy doesn’t seem upset or frightened by the changes.  The bad thing is that she is a bit too comfortable sitting in the baby’s stuff….

I might just stay here all day.....and all night....and then tomorrow.....