Summer To Do List – Updated

So, school has started and August is coming to an end and I’ve tried to work my way through my summer to do list.  You can read the original blog post here.

Here’s how my list stands at this point:

  • Read. Read. Read – Still a work in progress.  I’ve been reading a lot this summer but I still have more books to finish.
  • Go on a walk every day.  – In progress.  Almost every day I’ve been able to go on a walk.  I’m going to try to keep this going into the fall as much as possible.
  • Start mommy and me yoga classes. – Not started.  Little girl and I have been really busy almost every week that we’ve been home.  Running errands, lunches, play dates, etc., etc., etc.  In addition, there is only one time that the yoga class is offered and unfortunately, it’s right in the middle of nap time.  So, this one might not happen.
  • Finish the furniture renovations.  – Not started.  Ugh!  We need to get this one done before moving.
  • Go to the zoo.  – Completed!  Yay!  Zoo days!
  • Spend a rainy day at a museum.  – Completed!  Although, there are many museums in the Chicago and many rainy days so this one can continue into the fall.
  • Have a yard sale – Not yet.  However, we have narrowed down the dates to a couple possible weekends coming up.
  • Buy frames for photos that need to be framed. – In progress.  I’ve started this one but we have a lot that still need to be done.
  • Have matting done for art pieces – In progress.  We’ve had a few framed but we still have many more to go…..
  • Do this project. – Completed!  You can read about it here.
  • Eat outside as much as possible. – In progress.  This one is not too difficult to keep going into the fall.  🙂
  • Make a terrarium using mason jars and succulents.  – No started.  I think that I might wait until we have moved to start this one.
  • Go to the beach. – Completed!  Although, I’m guessing that there might be some more beach days before the summer is over.
  • Do this project. – Not started.  However, I have purchased some of the supplies.
  • Watch tv. – In progress.  I’m almost done finally watching all of the seasons of Battlestar Galactica.  And I’m almost ready to start watching another show.  Any suggestions?
  • Do this project. – Not started.  But once again, I have purchased some of the supplies for it.

So, all in all, I feel like I’ve made some progress but I still have a lot to accomplish before the summer has ended.


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