What’s Been Going On

So, it’s been two months since I last blogged. What have we been up to since then? Well, we closed on and moved into our new house! I meant to write this post soon after we moved in…but…obviously….that didn’t happen. So, here are some things that we did in order to get the house ready for us.


The Pepto Pink room is little girl’s.  I knew that I didn’t want her room to be pink.  And especially not that shade of pink. So, Ryan got to work and painted it a soothing yellow.

The "Before" Picture

The “Before” Picture

The "After" Picture

The “After” Picture

The other two bedrooms were not great colors either.  Our room was a weird baby-food green color.  The guest bedroom was a bright teal (I forgot to get a pic of that room before the painting).  We chose a soft greenish-greyish shade.

Baby Food Green

Baby Food Green

Much, Much Better

Much, Much Better

While Ryan did lots and lots of painting, I tried to stay out of the way by doing my own projects.  One of my favorites was lining the drawers.  I especially liked lining the shelves of the linen closet – mostly because for the first time ever we have a linen closet!

Boring, sad shelves

Boring, sad shelves

Fun, new shelves

Fun, new shelves

So, that’s a snapshot of what we’ve been doing.  As we do more in the house, I’ll try to write more.


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