Super Easy Banana Bread

We had several overly-ripened bananas and the best thing to do with overly-ripened bananas is to make a banana bread.  I did a quick search online for easy banana bread recipes and came across this one.  I liked that it seemed to have very little prep work and the ingredients could all be mixed together in one bowl.

This recipe came together incredibly quickly.  It may be the only bread recipe (other than a quick bread mix) that I would attempt when one has to keep listening for little toddler feet who are supposed to be in their bed and instead keep running around their room.  I did ponder adding some oats to it for no other reason than because the oats were sitting on the counter – so, perhaps next time.

I will definitely try this recipe again.  The crust was nice and crunchy.  The center was soft but not the weird tastes-slightly-undercooked thing that happens with some banana bread recipes.  Plus, it was easy.  I do think, though, that next time I’ll play around with the ingredients.  Perhaps add some oats, or honey, or dried cranberries.

The finished bread

The finished bread

Big Girl And Her Big Girl Bed

Monday morning, we had a very special delivery.  Big girl’s big-girl-mattress and Mommy and Daddy’s new mattress arrived.  So far the transition to big-girl bed has gone a lot smoother than I thought it would.  It actually helps that she hasn’t taken really great naps during the day.  That way, she is much more tired at bed time and less likely to run around her room.  Although….she did spend the first 15 minutes of bedtime on Monday running in her room and then jumping back into bed when I opened the door.


Big Girl’s Big Bed. Well, actually just her mattress. Once she masters the mattress, we’ll bring her twin bed in.

Spring Break! Woo! – Part 2

Today we purchased new mattresses – twin size for little girl and queen size for us.  For someone (me) who has only ever had twin or full sized mattresses, this is a huge deal!  That also means that we are in the process of completing some of the tasks that I wrote about in yesterday’s post.  The mattresses will be delivered tomorrow so we can begin to have little girl sleep on her new mattresses with her new sheets and blanket.  And, Ryan has been moving furniture and other miscellaneous stuff into the garage to prep for the new mattresses coming tomorrow.  So yay!

Spring Break! Woo!

Spring Break is finally here!  The never-ending snow is finally melting! The first day of spring is quickly approaching!  Can you tell that I’m excited?!?  This winter has really worn me down and I’m looking forward to seeing the first signs of spring.  Cabin fever has hit me really hard this winter and I’m ready to get outside.

So, now that I’ve got a week at home, I do have some projects to get caught up on.  This week will be a very social week as we have someone to visit almost every day but there are some things around the house that I do want to complete.

In no particular order:

  • Transition little girl into her big girl bed.  She picked out her new sheets and blankets yesterday.  This weekend we will hopefully move the crib out and move the twin mattresses in.  We won’t set up her actual bed yet as it is pretty tall but the mattresses will be a good start.
  • Plant some succulents.  I’ve been holding on to some small planters and some miscellaneous mason jars that I had planned on using for succulents.  Well, I think that this week is as good as any to complete that task.
  • Move some furniture into the garage.  This is one that I won’t be able to do on my own and Ryan may not be able to do on his own but we’ll figure out a way to get it done.  That one dresser that we never painted?  Yep.  It’s still not painted and it’s actually empty right now so it’s just taking up space.  We also have a bookshelf that isn’t being used at the time and it’s in a place that in a couple of months will be taken up by the pack ‘n play. 🙂
  • Potentially take in some more art to be framed.  We still have several prints that we didn’t have framed before we moved.  I finally think that I know where a few of them will go, they just need to be matted and framed.
  • Sleep.  Sleep as much as possible!

So, that’s my list.  I’m keeping it fairly short so that I can hopefully get most of the completed during this week.

Wish me luck!  🙂