Super Easy Banana Bread

We had several overly-ripened bananas and the best thing to do with overly-ripened bananas is to make a banana bread.  I did a quick search online for easy banana bread recipes and came across this one.  I liked that it seemed to have very little prep work and the ingredients could all be mixed together in one bowl.

This recipe came together incredibly quickly.  It may be the only bread recipe (other than a quick bread mix) that I would attempt when one has to keep listening for little toddler feet who are supposed to be in their bed and instead keep running around their room.  I did ponder adding some oats to it for no other reason than because the oats were sitting on the counter – so, perhaps next time.

I will definitely try this recipe again.  The crust was nice and crunchy.  The center was soft but not the weird tastes-slightly-undercooked thing that happens with some banana bread recipes.  Plus, it was easy.  I do think, though, that next time I’ll play around with the ingredients.  Perhaps add some oats, or honey, or dried cranberries.

The finished bread

The finished bread

4 thoughts on “Super Easy Banana Bread

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