Banana Bread – The dough thickens

The last time that I made this bread, I said that perhaps the next time that I made it I would play around with the recipe some.  Well, let’s just say that tonight’s bread probably took that a bit too far.  First off, I realized after I already started mixing ingredients that we didn’t have any eggs.  O. K.  A quick search led me to this site with some substitutes for eggs.  If you are searching for egg substitutes, please keep in mind what you are preparing.  This site lists some substitutes for different types of baked goods (bread vs. cookies).

Problem 1 solved.

I added the rest of the ingredients.  I like to clear up the kitchen as I work so I started to throw measuring spoons into the dishwasher.  At that point, I realized that when I had added baking powder to the dough I actually should have added baking soda.  Oh.  Great.  At that point, I figured that this bread was either going to be edible or throw-out-able and there would probably not be an in between.  So, go big or go home, right?  I added 1/3 cup of oats.  Why?  Because the whole point of baking the bread tonight was to play around with the recipe.  The dough quickly became really, really, really thick.  Insanely thick.  1/3 of oats could make that much of a difference?  Who knew?  Not me.  To counteract that I added a couple squirts of honey.  I figured at that point I had nothing to lose. (Plus, if the bread didn’t turn out heavy as a brick, honey and banana always pair well together.)

I threw it in the oven with the knowledge that in an hour I would either have an experiment gone right or a large loaf of cat food.

The result?

Banana Bread

Banana Bread

It is definitely darker than the last time and a lot denser.  It also has a weird under-cooked flavor.  Is it edible?  Yes.  Is it really yummy? Um, no.  But, I haven’t lost my determination to keep playing around with this recipe.  But, I think that next time I’ll check to be sure that I have all of my ingredients ready to go before I start mixing.


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