Summer Update

A little while ago, I posted my list of things that I wanted/needed to accomplish this summer.  Well, we’ve been busy.  So, here’s my updated list…..

  • Work ahead on grad school stuff.  UPDATE.  I just submitted my final assignment for this course.  So, now I’m done with grad school….for the summer.  Before class started, I was really worried about how I was going to get course work done while taking care of a toddler and a newborn and myself.  Thankfully, I’ve got a great husband and great parents and parents-in-law who helped out with the kiddos so that I could get school work done.
  • Do some garden planning.  UPDATE. My awesome in-laws came down and helped to remove a shrub, destroy a garden that had been located in a silly location, and move my precious peonies.  All of the rain that we’ve had recently has helped the peonies to adjust to their new location.
  • Craft projects.  UPDATE.  I’ve started the craft projects for the girls.  But, I still need to purchase the larger materials in order to complete them. 
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. UPDATE.  I took a nap yesterday!!!!!!!!  Awesome!!!!!!!  Although I thought that I had been taking it easy, I was not taking it easy enough as I may or may not have had a small infection and I had to take antibiotics.  Recovery from a cesarean is no joke.  So, I’ve been trying to take it super-easy.  As Ryan has said to me many times, I have to take care of myself so that I can take care of my girls.
  • And…….the most important thing that we’ll be doing this summer is soaking up as much family time as we possibly can.  UPDATE.  We’ve already had lots of family time this summer.  I am so happy that Ryan was able to take so much time off from work so that he could help me and hang out with his two little girls.  He’s taken big sister to the park many, many times.  He and big sister have worked in the garden together.  We’ve all gone to the zoo and to the pool.  Tomorrow, we are planning on going to a summer festival.  Hopefully, there are plenty of family adventures for us during the rest of the summer.

How is your summer progressing so far?


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