Winter, Winter, Go Away

I love the big tree in our front yard.  It looks so nice in the summer.

Winter, go away! You're ruining my tree!

Winter, go away! You’re ruining my tree!

We have a deck and I am so looking forward to sitting on it this summer with a beer in my hand.

Winter, look what you've done to our deck!

Winter, look what you’ve done to our deck!

Summer means time for hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. And we have added seating with the picnic table in front of the garage.

Winter. You are such a jerk.

Winter. You are such a jerk.


Bargain Baking

One of my favorite things about shopping after the holidays are over is that you can frequently get a great deal on mixes for baked goods simply because they are holiday flavors.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I love pumpkin bread any time of the year.  And, I am always willing to try a new fun flavor of waffle mix.

I do enjoy trying new mixes but I do have an important rule that I make myself follow when shopping after holiday (any holiday) sales for baking mixes.  The price of the mix needs to be less than what the price would be if I bought the ingredients separately.  That pumpkin bread mix makes two full loaves and is really heavy because of the can of pumpkin in the box.  This was a good deal.  The scone and waffles mixes were purchased for just a couple bucks each.  Also, great deals.

Mmmmmm… food after the holiday…..

Mmmmmm… food after the holiday…..

Do you buy holiday mixes? What are your favorites?